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E X O T I C   S A R D I N I A

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia with its app. 1.800 kilometers of coastline, is one of the most popular destinations for people who love aquatic sports and seaside holidays, not only for its natural beauty and geographical position but also for its history.
The many waves of invaders, who plundered and settled in Sardinia during the thousands of years of Sardinian history, came from the sea.

For this reason the Sardinians, until recently, have never loved the sea and they built very few villages along the coast. The most important villages were built during the period of the Roman domination and before that under the Phoenician-Punic domination. Some examples are: Karalis (Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia), Nora, Tharros, Olbia and Turris Libissonis (Porto Torres) on the Northern coast of Sardinia.
During the last years of this 2nd millennium, the importance of both the sea and the coast has increased. This is due in part to the relatively recent discovery of tourism, which started at the end of the 1950's, and in part to the development of certain parts of the economy connected to the sea such as fishing and transport.
It is neither a coincidence nor a fashion that nowadays Sardinia is the preferred destination for many tourists. The sea around this large Mediterranean Island (second only to Sicily in size among all Mediterranean Islands) is among the most beautiful and transparent in the entire world. Sardinia is a land like no other and it is also called ” almost a continent” in order to underline the uniqueness of the Sardinian landscapes and the large and deep differences among the Island's various regions which make Sardinia similar to a continent.
In fact the Sardinian people are renowned for their spontaneous hospitality, and like all islanders thirst for contact with the external world.
People who visit Sardinia discover not only one of the most fantastic and original places in the world but also have an unforgettable holiday. Sardinia offers visitors an array of gastronomic specialties from the ancient cooking traditions of the shepherds to the sea food specialties of the coast. Sardinia is rich in both handicrafts and arts, its carpets, baskets, pottery and gold filigree jewellery are both unique and of the highest quality.
Let's go back to the sea and the coast. Even those who cannot sail along the coast, can still enjoy the most transparent water in the Mediterranean sea. Accommodation is available in several hotels or in camping-sites situated along the coast. The visitors can swim in this crystal clear sea and admire the numerous fish, and diverse species of marine flora and fauna

Sardinia has been inhabited since the Paleolithic period.. Since the Neolithic period Sardinia produced flourishing diversified cultures that have left their traces in numerous monuments and handcrafted artifacts.
The most ancient Sardinian people sheltered in natural caves first, then in village huts, and lived on agriculture, hunting and fishing in an intimate and religious relationship with the nature that surrounded them. They tried to insure the fertility of their fields and the of their animals, by worshipping a female Divinity, a Goddess-Mother, which they represented in different ways, making small stone and earthen idols, that they also used to protect the dead.

With this in mind, a visit to some of the hypogetic tombs, which are spread throughout the Island, fairies or witches houses according to folklore, which are carved in rocks, often in inaccessible places, is well worth while. The necropolis of Anghelu Ruju, in Alghero, offers the opportunity to explore dozens of funeral caves , some of which are decorated with a light coat of red paint and stylized bull's heads, symbols of male fertility that represent the continuity of life.

For people who are disposed to walk some distance, in the countryside of Villaperucio, in the province of Cagliari, there is the necropolis of Montessu, which is in a natural amphitheatre of great beauty.

The Menhirs stones were connected to a religion of agricultural fecundity.  They are often found singularly, in couples or in small groups, and are sometimes found in a line in the countryside. The marvelous concentration of Pranu Mutteddu at Goni in Gerrei, is not to be missed. It is beside a group of tombs, dating back to the third millennium BC and it is formed by about 50 closely packed stone, about 20 of which are aligned along the East-West axis, apparently referring to the course of the sun through the sky.



We offer you the chance of an unforgettable stay in
an exotic holiday village  

A pleasant climate, a 400 hectares pine forest and the blue Sardinian sea form the amazing framework of the holiday resort. Open all throughout the year, just 65 km away from the main regional airports (Cagliari), it is easily reachable. Rooms are equipped with all the comforts and you can choose a 4**** accommodation between the four hotels or a bungalow immersed in the freedom and tranquility of the pine forest. During the summer season you can enjoy and have fun with our exuberant animation staff with its entertaining night shows and daily activities on the beach..

   The hotels **** have spacious rooms, some with balcony, or with a patio, private bathroom/shower, direct telephone, TV, air conditioning and mini bar, nice furniture   

 The Bungalows **** immersed in a charming pine forest next to the beach, our 58 bungalows are divided in studios (one room apartments) and two rooms apartments all with private bathroom, direct telephone. Simply furnished this accommodation offers you a quite holiday immersed in the beautiful surrounding nature. Great for children!

Typologies: One Room Bungalow: Double accommodation - Double for Single use – Triple accomodation/
Two Rooms Bungalows: Triple accomodation – Four bed room – 5 persons max.  Enjoy the odour of forest and exotic surrounding :)

Going out from the forest you step on a large sandy beach (10 km)….free umbrellas and sun chairs

The 4 restaurants offer typical traditional and international food and drinks, open side pizzeria and a beautiful atmosphere at the barbecue on the beach;
abundant food - 10-15 starters, large variety of dishes in the main menu, free flow of wine and water during lunch and dinner !!!!!
 Your breakfast will be accompanied by unlimited quantity and high quality Italian espresso and cappuccino



 Sports and Swimming - pools  the resort offers you one fresh water pool for adults and one for children, situated next to the Mirtillo bar. One large fresh water pool “Tropicana” with a special area for children, situated in front of the Hotel Ribot. Moreover you can enjoy a tennis court, football court, bowls, ping-pong, billiard, video games room, bicycles, a life journey, regular green football court, archery. You can reserve your diving courses (PADI) and play golf in golf court 32 km away from the hotel.




The Boutique “Ala Shop”- to purchase handcraft and typical Sardinian products, Ala Birdi’s sportswear, newspapers and magazines, tobacco store, gifts, perfumery products, sun creams….and more!

 The Entertainment Staff - During your holiday, day by day you can enjoy the activities organized by the animation staff: games, tournaments, collective lessons and sports, parties and night shows in the outdoor amphitheatre. International piano bar every night in high season.

 Baby, Mini e Junior Club - Mini Club for children from 5 to 12 years, games, sports and entertainments. Junior Club for boys and girls over 12 years. Both services are included in the Club Card during high season. The Baby Club, for children from 2 to 5 years, is on request and against payment directly to the hotel.



You can enjoy the new beauty centre equipped of indoor pools and new fixtures for thalassotherapy, calidarium and frigidarium. Massages for everybody, ideal to conclude a riding session or a day at the beach. Every treatment against payment.

Excursions by boat and by bus.

 By horse: (min. 4/5 persons) - Excursion to the Peninsula of Sinis; Torre dei corsair dunes beach; Pond of Marceddi and Mineral caves of Montevecchio.

 By boat:: (on request) - Mal di Ventre Island (1 day); Tharros/San Giovanni (1/2 day); Torre dei Corsari / Capo Frasca.

 By bus: (on request) - Tharros and San Giovanni di Sinis; Oristano; Barumini and Villanovaforru (nuraghe); Santa Cristina; Nuraghe Losa e Fordongianus; Cagliari; Bosa; Is Aruttas (rice beach); Torre dei Corsari/ golden dunes; Montevecchio; Birdwatching; Grotta Su Mannau.

We guaranty a relaxing and unforgettable holiday

 in this small Mediterranean  Paradise

O F F E R S - 2018





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